SongWriting & Production Studio 1



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Audio Equipment

  • Console

    • Neve 24CH 542 Console

  • Mic Pres

    • MCI x 4 Mic Pre

  • Compressors

    • DBX 560A Compressor Limiter

    • CL 7220 (JLM mod) Stereo Compressor (SSL G Bus clone)

    • Stam SA2A (LA2A Clone) Compressor/ Limiter

    • Universal Audio 1176

  • FX

    • DIYre Colour Palette mki: jFet Distortion, 15ips saturator

    • Moog Filter

  • EQs

    • Gyraf Pultec PEQ1A

  • Monitors

    • Yamaha NS10s & Brooke Audio N12 amplifier

    • ADAM A5’s & ADAM Sub8

  • Microphone: AKG C414

  • Headphones: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

  • Interface: Lynx aurora 16 w LT-TB (w/ Thunderbolt card)

  • Monitor & Control: PreSonus V2 Monitor Control

Instruments & Sounds

  • Synths

    • Roland SH-101

    • Roland JX-3P + PG200

    • Korg MS-20 Mini

    • Behringer Model D

    • Moog Mother 32

  • Guitars

    • Fender GA-45SEHW Steel Sting Guitar

    • Fender Stratocaster

    • Fender Aerodyne JP Bass

  • Organs and MIDI controller

    • M-Brash & Co - Mini pump organ

    • 1960 Italian Electronic Reed Organ

    • M-Audio Hammer 88 - fully-weighted (USB)

Guest list

Fractures (Artist)
Tyne-James Organ (Artist)
Mathew Neighbour (Producer)
Toby Dundas (Producer, Songwriter)
Georgia Mannion (Artist)
Essie Holt (Artist)
Miro Mackie (Producer)
Aidan Hogg (Producer)
Shannen James (Artist)
Kyran Daniel (Producer)
Pinkish Blu (Artist)
Adam Olenius (Songwriter - Shout Out Lauds)
Imogen Clarck (Artist)
Alexander Gow

Dylan Nash (Producer)
Gretta Ray (Artist)
King IV (Artist)
The Kite String Tangle (Producer/ artist)
Nathaniel Walcott (Songwriter - Session Musician - Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Konstantin Kersting (Producer)
G-Flip (Artist)
Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons, Artist)
Evan Klar (Artist, Songwriter, Producer)
Jean-Paul Fung (Producer, Songwriter)
SŸDE (Artist)
Japanese Wallpaper (Artist/ Producer)